Setting up a TURN or STUN server

Ring can be configured to use TURN or STUN servers (RFC5766) to establish a connection between two peers.

In this guide, we will setup a coturn server. There are other TURN/STUN server implementations available under a free license. See TurnServer and Restund.

1. Installing

COTURN is available in most Linux distributions. On Debian, install it with the following command:

apt-get install coturn

2. Configuring

Here is a basic turnserver.conf file:


3. Creating users on your TURN server

To create users on your TURN server, use the turnadmin binary.

turnadmin -a -u bob -p secretpassword -r sfl

4. Launching the TURN server

turnserver -c turnserver.conf

5. Configuring Ring to authenticate to the TURN server

You may configure Ring to use your TURN server from the advanced tab your account settings:

Field Value Example
server url host and port of your server
username username bob
password password secretpassword
realm realm sfl